Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Penn State College of Ag Sciences… more than you think!

OK, I’ll admit up front that I am a bit biased because I work for Penn State but I think you will agree that there is more to the Penn State ‘s College of Ag Sciences than you thought… after you take a closer look.

You can take a 200 mile drive west and visit the place. But many of you will find it easier to just check out the web-based resources at www.cas.psu.edu. You won’t be able to smell the manure, see the flowers, or hear the roar of the Nittany Lion from your desktop but it is still pretty impressive.

The welcome page at the College’s site highlights some current activities. Did you know there was a natural gas rush going on in parts of Pennsylvania? Penn State is playing a role in protecting landowners from being rushed into a poor decision. Are you really into Agriculture? Learn more about Penn State annual Ag Progress Days which will be held in late August. Agricultural research is showcased at this event.

One of the best features of the site is the search box that allows you to mine the depths of the College’s resources. Just for fun I typed in “tomato’ and found fact sheets on growing, canning and staking tomatoes. I also found nice color pictures of tomato diseases. I’ll be talking to you about early blight soon. Stay tuned. Back at the home page I see that Penn State is helping farmers in Nepal manage tomato and eggplant disease.

Next I typed in the word “pond” and found Penn State’s pond website. Besides all of the nice publications and pictures, I learned that an on-line pond management course will be offered this fall. Wow! Penn State Ag Sciences… more than you think!

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Kathleen said...


Do you take requests on blog postings? How about something on Rubus phoenicolasius? They're everywhere now and I thought you might have something to say about them.

They pop up all over my property and I've had great success encouraging them (basically by leaving them alone).

They're delicious, nutritious and free! :)